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From Farmers Market to World Wide Web

When the pandemic hit, this local artisan had a major problem on their hand. How would she sell the inventory that she'd prepared for a busy 2020 festival season? The festival was canceled.

The only solution was online.

"I love my website. It's so simple; it sends me an email when I have an order!" (Dr. A.D Coffee)



Easy-to-use online store that retains its local feel, thoroughly explains the product, and highlights the sensory experience of the brand.


Although there were many options for online stores, I chose the Wix platform because of its ease of use and design capabilities. Since the client was a moderate user of technology, they were able to navigate the platform and manage their online business.

The help with product knowledge I included a detailed infographic that explains the products' benefits when compared to other options. Customer reviews highlighted the experience, while bios about local producers filled the blog.

To help recreate the experience of purchasing in person, I included custom recipes and sensory details. High-quality images led to mouth-watering experiences. Product descriptions included nutritional and packaging information and food sourcing.


C Squared Productions online store received numerous orders within its first week. To this day, it is helping this small business sell off their inventory and reach new customers.

Budget: starting at $4000 (varies by product inventory)

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