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A Man with a Story to Tell

When Jim McKnight turned 80, he decided he needed to tell the world about his grandfather. He started by writing a book but decided later it wasn't enough. Now, he wanted to talk to people about his grandfather, but he needed a way to promote his idea.

So I suggested we build a website.

"People think I'm a celebrity because I'm all over the Internet! I just tell them to buy a book." (Author Jim McKnight)



Mobile-friendly website that establishes credibility, links to an Amazon product, and provides contact information for scheduling a presentation.


Simplicity was a primary concern, so we kept it at two pages. To best integrate Amazon links, I selected a custom WordPress site. To establish credibility, I used client-supplied pictures from actual events as inspiration for the site design.

The content remained simple, yet descriptive to attract a variety of consumers. I included multiple call-to-actions to help navigate traffic through the site.


Author Jim McKnight received many bookings for speaking events following the launch of his website, including . In addition, his Facebook fan page regularly gains new followers.

Budget: starting at $1000

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