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Internet & Entrepreneurship

My two favorite things!

As the daughter of a small business consultant and the granddaughter of an IBM retiree, my career choice should be no surprise. I've been "working" in sales, marketing, and software since before I was legal to work. As an adult, I furthered my knowledge with experiences at Dell, Microsoft, and Amazon, alongside professional work as a spokesperson and brand ambassador. 

I'm currently pursuing my master's in information management (with a focus on information architecture and user experience) at Wayne State University.

Get to know me a little better by visiting the links below, reading my bio, or listening to my Spotify playlist.

What I'm About: Bio

Public Speaking

In a former life, I used to do a lot more work in front of the camera. Nowadays, you can occasionally find me talking about branding or user experience


I'm not really a fan of my voice, but I can occasionally be coaxed into doing an interview on certain topics. ...

Small Business Interviews

My career as a journalist began by interviewing small business owners, and they continue to hold a special place in my heart.  That's why I especially enjoyed interviewing the inner city entrepreneur coach, Freeway Risk Ross

Blog About the Internet

The Internet is my favorite thing, so I write about it, a lot. You can read some of my posts on my Medium publication, Dear Internet.

Freelance America

Many years ago, I started an online staffing company. I haven't really done much with it as of late, but I plan to do something with it..... eventually.

Professional Bio

If you're the type that likes reading LinkedIn profiles, take a look at mine!

What I'm About: List
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