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A Website as True as a Handshake

Pat Richardson grew up around cattle. He also knew how to talk to people. That combination made 'peddling the bull' a natural thing for the Idaho cowboy.

Unfortunately, the people he wanted to sell to were starting to spend more time on their phones. He needed a better way to reach his target customer and get them interested in his services, so he turned to Jenn Marie.

I suggested establishing an online presence.

"People always ask, 'Who did your website?' and I say, Jennie did." (Pat Richardson)



Brand-focused website that replicates the experience of working with the client in person. Website should collect emails and phone numbers and show up in an online search for Idaho Beef.


The first version of the site utilized the client's existing brochures. As the need for search optimization increased, the website added more product information, growing from three to ten pages. The current site condensed the second site while focusing more on-brand messaging. There is a heavy emphasis on visuals to relay Idaho Beef values through the use of image sourcing and color palettes.

The second version added content, and as a result, was challenging to navigate. The third version focused on improved navigation and conversion. I also gave greater attention to navigation and calls-to-action than on previous versions.


Idaho Beef has a website that reaches over 100 people per month and ranks for more than thirty keywords. His Facebook page regularly gains new followers. Since optimized for search, his website pays for itself. With no additional advertising spend, he receives a small portion of his sales from online leads.

Budget: starting at $2000

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