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Your Message, Online

What do you have to say? Let's turn your ideas into a beautiful business website. Let's strategize on your next blog post, or create the perfect social media strategy for your brand. Need help picking out the perfect website builder, or perhaps you're stuck on your domain name? Whether you need high-quality website content or some help sprucing up your online business persona, I specialize in getting YOU online. 

Who am I? I'm more than a freelance writer. I'm also a usability analyst, CX specialist, content strategist, small business consultant, SEO specialist, technology advisor, web designer, blogger on information management, and a mom. My writing niche is you. My target market is your customers. My marketing mix is digital, with an extra dash of empathy.

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“I know what I want to say, but I need help saying it.”


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“Our clients need UX content that matches their brand”

SEO & web design agencies

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"I can build a website, but I need good content to match.”

Small businesses

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3 Things Every Small Business Should Know Before Going Online

If you want your customers to connect with YOU, give them YOU. Everything about your web presence, from your business website design, to the content of your blog post should reflect the actual experience you'd like your customers to have.

The internet isn't just a gigantic marketplace. It's also a clickable social community. Instead of yelling at your customers to buy from you, meet your target audience where they're at with relevant content, clear messaging and strategically shareable social media content.

Although you can easily find the answers to questions like, how do I build a website, or what are keywords online, the vast majority of entrepreneurs shouldn't need to learn information management to transition their business online.

As a boutique content marketing provider, I can help you strategize, develop and maintain your content so that it helps your business grow. My original content is created by experienced content writers who specialize in engaging content, conversational tone and relevant keywords. Writing content is my specialty, but creating valuable content for your small business's digital marketing needs is my passion.

Be authentic in your message.

Don't just sell, connect.

Get the help of an expert.

Create your online presence

Here's just a few of the ways I can help:

  • Increase search results with a small business online presence

  • Help plan your online marketing with a social media marketing strategy

  • Help you select the best Content Management System ( such as: Wordpress, Squarespace, or Wix)

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"We are all being robbed of the creativity and potential of the two-thirds of the world not yet online. Tomorrow, if we succeed, the Internet will truly represent everyone."

How the Internet Benefits the Poor |

Mark Zuckerberg

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The 3 Best Social Media Platforms for Your Online Brand


The image sharing site is actually one of the best ways to create a brand identity for any size company. Use Instagram to help define the company brand  and build emotional ties with your fans.


The resume-based site, isn't just for corporate brands. Create a company page to share your company profile and mission statement. Build your online brand image via your staff and link your page to Twitter for relevant updates.


If you have an eye for graphic design, pinners could share your online brand with little effort on your part. Pinterest is a great way to connect with like-minded customers and establish your brand identity.

Online branding is more than regular content generation.  You need quality content, the kind that matches your brand, to use the internet effectively. You need persuasive web copy, the type that works even when your readers have a short attention span. Visual appeal and word choice define social media - I'll help you identify your brand identity and reach your creative goals.

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Build your online brand

I can help 'get your name out there' by:

  • Define your internet brand with brand copywriting

  • Ensure a consistent brand with blog post writing

  • Connect with local consumers via target audience identification (personas)

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"The branding aspect of what I do is helping small business owners and entrepreneurs understand what their brand is ’cause a lot of times they don’t realize it."

Brand Copywriting & UX | Content Strategy Insights Podcast

Jenn Marie

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3 Qualities of the Best Freelance Writers

They can write more than just a good blog post.

The freelance writing business is very competitive. In the past, knowing how to write a blog post was enough. Nowadays, good writers also know how to write persuasive web copy and how to adjust their writing to the correct grade level.

They've been guest contributors to other blogs.

Many people are capable freelance writers, but only an expert writer is able to list their names on established websites. Guest contributors understand how to follow editorial guidelines, making them ideal for content writing services.

They have an online portfolio.

Before adding writers to your team, always check for an online portfolio. This shows that they have experience writing online. Even if they only have a freelance writer website, the website content on their homepage is some sample of their content marketing  skill.

Content generation is often the most time consuming part of internet marketing, but it's worth it. Strong content ranks better in search engines, provides a better user experience, and converts to more sales. If you're in the business of the internet, you need strong content writing services in your digital marketing toolkit.

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Add an expert writer to your team

I can help 'get your name out there' by:

  • Purchase written content for SEO marketing campaigns

  • Work with a blog writer to create custom blog posts

  • Have a professional writer review your content for UX 

  • Complement your web design with high quality content

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