Small town charm on a big-city website

Many real estate agents will sell you a house on Anderson Island, but very few Realtors call the small island "home". Independent realtor, Sarah Garmire wanted to reach people outside of her island, while staying true to who she and the island was. She knew what she wanted to say but needed website design that embodied the charm of island living. Authenticity was high on her list, so she turned to Jenn Marie.

"I had the pictures and content, but Jenn suggested photos and content I hadn't thought of." (Realtor Sarah Garmire)


Website that communicates information and is simple to use for an older population (65+). Should be optimized for mobile use and the search terms "Anderson Island Realty" and "Sarah Garmire".


The client provided all design for the site, including the URL, content, pictures and primary colors. From there I created a structure that utilized the supplied materials and suggested content to fill any design gaps. Uniformity was a primary concern.

Since much of content was not designed for online use, I made some design adjustments to maintain quality. I added SEO content to the home page and navigation to improve search visibility. I also added a listings section for the client to update as needed.

The site was built on WordPress for ease of customization. 5 hours of training so the client could maintain the site and listings on her own was included.


Sarah Garmire has a website to add to her marketing materials. Her website additionally shows up in searches for Sarah Garmire, Anderson Island Realtor and Anderson Island Realty.

Budget: starting at $750

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